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Unisex African Clothing - Traditional Dashiki's

$25 ea

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   under construction.
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   as I will be constantly
   adding new products.

Each dashiki has a stand-out design, hue and a soft, roomy feel.   The border fabric on the dashiki may vary from the picture shown.  

Comes in sizes small, medium & large.  Comes with two pockets.  100% Cotton.  Machine wash cold.  Made in Thailand or India.

Purchase of any Dashiki depends upon availability.

Size Small -     Fits up to a 42"- 44" Chest.   Approx. 27" - 28" long.

Size Medium - Fits up to a 46" - 50" Chest.  Approx. 28" - 30" long.

Size Large -    Fits up to a 48" - 52" Chest.  Approx. 28" - 32" long.

Lime Green Dashiki
White & Pink Dashiki
White & Purple Dashiki

White & Orange Dashiki

White & Red Dashiki

White & Green Dashiki
Fushia Dashiki

Black & Multi Dashiki

Yellow & Blue Dashiki

Yellow & Red Dashiki

Black & Green Multi Dashiki

Blue & Multi Dashiki
Orange & Green Dashiki

Unisex Traditional King-Size Dashiki's

White & Brown Dashiki

$25 ea

The Dashiki that flatters your size.

Create a stunning silhouette, no matter what your size!   100% Cotton.  34" in length.  Made in India.  

Purchase of any Dashiki depends upon availability.

Size 1x -  Fits up to a 62" Chest.   

Size 2x-   Fits up to a 64" Chest. 

Size 3x -  Fits up to a 68" Chest.  

Burgandy & Multi Dashiki KS
White & Blue Dashiki KS
White & Brown Dashiki KS
Black & Purple Dashiki KS
Blue & Multi Dashiki KS
Yellow & Red Multi Dashiki KS
Black & Gray Dashiki KS
White & Red Dashiki KS
White & Green Dashiki KS
White & Pink Dashiki KS
White & Purple Dashiki KS
Black & Green Dashiki KS
Purple Multi Dashiki KS
Black & Blue Dashiki KS

Unisex African Clothing - Heavy Mud Cloth Dashiki's

$60 ea

Stunning, striking, and guaranteed to catch the eye.  Rich, warm earth tones of genuine African mudcloth glorify the intensity of African style.  

Here's your opportunity to own popular, one-of-a-kind clothing with pride.   No two styles are alike; each design varies. 

Photos are representative only.  Handmade item size varies.  Fits between 42" to 60" chest and has approximately a 36" length.  Comes with two pockets.  Made in Mali.    Shipping weight: 1.5 lbs

Brown Multi Mud Cloth Dashiki KS
Orange Print Mud Cloth Dashiki KS
White Print Mud Cloth Dashiki KS
Green Print Mud Cloth Dashiki KS

Unisex African Clothing - Childrens Dashiki's

$18 ea

Let your little one's put on a traditional print dashiki and have fun.  100% Cotton.  Made in India.


Small -     Fits chest up to 32"   Approx. 20" long

Medium - Fits chest up to 33"   Approx. 20" long

Large -    Fits chest up to 34"   Approx 21" long

Red Multi Dashiki Kid
Blue Multi Dashiki Kid
Purple Multi Dashiki Kid
Yellow Multi Dashiki Kid
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