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Body Oil
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Save Money - Oils cost dramatically less than perfumes.  You get an extra strength and longer lasting fragrance, and you still pay less.

Ultra Powerful - Perfumes are made with just 10% - 15% oil, and the rest is alcohol.  You get totally pure oils here.  The fragrance from even the smallest amount of oil will stay with you.

Over 800 Choices - Find your favorite, a new favorite or an old favorite.  If your favorite isn't listed, email me and I'll see if I can find it for you.



Essential Oils

Essential oils are for external use only

The Difference Between Essential Oils & Fragrance Oils

Essential Oils are distilled from plants, giving it a very potent scent and making them powerful healers.  They are excellent for use in aromatherapy, cooking, cleaning and more.

Fragrant Oils are still very powerful scents - sometimes even more powerful than essential oils.  But fragrant body oils usually have some artificial ingredients.  They also won't normally have the same therapeutic qualities.

If you want an oil for the smell, a fragrant oil is probably the best for you.  If you want an oil for therapy or cooking, an essential oil would be better.

Fragrant oils are also skin safe, whereas essential oils often need to be diluted for skin safety.

You cannot get essential oils that are blends or designer types.  Essential oils often have plant names, never designer names.

The Difference Between Oils You Burn & Oils You Wear

There is no difference in the oil itself.  Some oils are popular for burning because people like that fragrance in their home - think of Cherry or Frankincense.  Other oils are most popular as perfumes.  A person may not want to smell like cherry and may not want their house to smell like Chanel #5; but if they want to, a person can wear Cherry and can burn Chanel #5.

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