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The "before" photo measured approximately 1.5"x1.5".   It contained cracks and tears.

The "after" photo was printed as an 8"x10" portrait.



The "before" picture measured 5"x7". 

The clothing was full of speckles due to missing colors.

The "after" picture was printed as an 8"x10" portrait.

Photo Editing

The sample edited photos to your left shows the types of corrections that can be done to damaged photos.

The amount of damage to the photo - whether it be missing pieces or stains; the quality of the photo itself; or whether there is a desire to add to or remove from the photo - will not only determine whether or not the picture can be restored, but will also determine the charge.

Our prices start at $25 for the first hour.

The amount of work and the price will be discussed when the work is commissioned.

If you have photos you would like restored or edited, please click              and fill out the order form.

The "before" photo measured 3"x5". 

The photo was dark and had pieces missing.

The "after" photo was printed as an 8"x10" portrait.

Have something added or removed from a photo

We may be able to add to or subtract out of a photo (similar to the orange Koi being removed from the photo at left).  We can discuss the possibilities when the work is commissioned.

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