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                                Welcome to Cecelia's Button Babies   


These dolls are totally handmade by Cecelia.   They are designed to sit on the edge of a shelf, or computer.  They sit between 3.5" and 4.5" high and come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Most of the handmade and designed Babies below have already been adopted.  But since they can be made to order, if you see a doll with the features you desire, or if you would like to choose a 

different fabric, make your selections below.

The Babies with Button Legs & Arms are $50 ea

The Glamour Ladies with Swarovski Crystal Legs & Arms are $125 ea

These Babies are copyrighted.  Please do not copy or take them off of the website.

Click a picture to enlarge.

Eyes w/ Lashes & Nose 

Lashless Eyes & Nose

Kissy Lips
Tongue Out
Tongue in w/teeth

Choose your face design, hair color, skin color and fabric below then click Send.

  Please Be Patient
   This Website is still
   under construction.
   Check back regularly
   as I will be constantly
   adding new products.
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